Sunday, January 15, 2017

this blog was created

out of my fascination with


anita pelayo rivera - les dames d'abord


anita pelayo rivera - les dames d'abord

and cottages.

anita pelayo rivera - Les Dames D'Abord

anita pelayo rivera - les dame's d'abord

anita pelayo rivera -les dames d'abord

As the years unspooled

my writing style developed

into a desire to

write poetry

which led to private endeavors to experiment

away from this blog

and share face to face with local poets

in the community where I live.

Along the way

I also had an Etsy shoppe

where I specialized in paper mâché art

anita pelayo rivera - les dames d'abord

which again led me down 

another path

until I found what was feasible

for me to continue my artistry 

as a 

full-time French teacher.




road maps engraved on our destinies

to be read again and again


the next chapter is written

and we find each other

at a new climax.

Visit my current address

Les Dames D'Abord

where only the horizon


what will happen next.
anita pelayo rivera - les dames d'abord

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Just Say It and Do it

anita pelayo rivera-les dames d'abord

and just 

you'll find yourself

at the threshold 

of stepping into

an exciting journey for 2017.

anita pelayo rivera -les dame's d'abord